A Full Day Plus – Live Fire Evolution

img_2928El Dorado firefighters put in a full day’s work today not unlike the one you put in.

But this evening instead of sitting down and watching television (probably what many folks were doing) the firefighters were running live burn evolutions in the new training tower.

The firefighters were doing the live burns mostly for the student firefighters who needed the experience.

Captain Yaghjian was at the helm inside the burn room. Master Firefighter Carson was the trigger man starting the fire.  The student firefighters started by simply watching the smoke bank down and then the flames roll across the ceiling.

Lieutenant McCoy managed the outside crew.  Firefighters Fistler and McGathy managed the truck operations and directed the student firefighters on the backup hose lines.  These firefighters stood ready to perform extinguishment of the fire should the need arisen.

It was a great fire training exercise.

Rest assured that should you need a fire crew in El Dorado Kansas, you’ll be getting one of the best.

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Industrial Firefighting – Spear & Carson & Brown : VIDEO

teex-trngThree firefighters from the El Dorado Fire Department were invited to participate in Industrial Firefighting Training at TEEX in College Station, Texas apart of the Holly Refinery Emergency Response Team.

Lieutenant Coby Spear and Master Firefighter Caleb Carson and Firefighter Chris Brown took a three day course that covered scene size-up, danger recognition, advanced strategy planning, and tactical operations plus resource management.

During this physically and mentally demanding non-certification course, they had minimal content review class time and extended burn times. They experienced 15 different large scale props that put the team in live fire scenarios. Each prop was ignited in three different ways.

The increasingly difficult burn scenarios also included night-time burns and a final cumulative exercise that  tested their industrial flammable liquid response skills.

Thank you Holly Refinery for the invitation and experience that you gave our firefighters.

Driver Operator – Samuel Aitchison

sam-aitchisonFirefighter Samuel Aitchison got his official notice – he is now Kansas University Driver Operator certified.

This certification is a requirement for El Dorado personnel.  Because of the small number of firefighters we have, it’s important the firefighters are trained to a high level.  El Dorado firefighters must drive and operate the trucks.

But, it is solely up to the firefighter to schedule and attain the necessary steps in the process.

Great accomplishment.  Congratulations Sam!