A Special Day

InterviewToday is a special day that two people will remember well.

You arrive well before your scheduled time. You wonder.  Was it too early? Will the group shake my hand? If they do, given the coldness of my hand, will they want to check my pulse to see if I’m alive.

Did I talk too slow? Did I talk too fast?  Did I give good answers?  Did I convince them I was the best choice?

It’s called “The Interview.” All firefighters have the experience.

You want to be confident, but not cocky.

Speech becomes difficult with your dry mouth. Unfortunately, with that dryness the base of your tongue sticks to the back of your palate. Simple sentences become difficult to pronounce.  Other reactions are a rapid pulse rate and a nervous stomach.

It’s all part of the process. Some fine candidates interviewed for the firefighter positions.  All did well, but just two will get the positive nod.

Thank you to the applicants and thank you to the interviewers.

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