America’s Heroes – El Dorado Pitstop

IMG_1813The Army Reserve 242nd Unit headquartered out of Coffeyville was headed to Wichita today when they were advised that their route was going to be changed. Their orders were to stop and await instructions on the new route.

Their stopping point was 12th St. in the City of El Dorado.

There are many heroes in this world – fire, police, and EMS to mention three.

But, our military men and women take the hero definition to the highest point. Reason being that not only do they risk their life for us. IMG_1814

They do something that is in the big scheme of things even more important than a life. They protect our Freedom!

They gave me the honor of having my picture taken with them. I personally thanked them, but wish I could have done more.

Here’s an idea. How about me and you who are reading this, “Say a prayer for their safety.”

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