*Story by Captain Max Brown

New Andover 4On Sunday afternoon the El Dorado Fire Department was requested by the Andover Fire Department for mutual aid. 

Andover had been fighting a stubborn basement fire that had progressed to the main floor of the structure and had been on scene for about three hours and their people had gone through several bottles of air along with other departments they had called in prior to requesting El Dorado. 

A High Expansion Foam operation was established using equipment from Augusta Fire and the basement and main floor were saturated with foam.  This helped get most of the fire but in the end members from Andover and one member from El Dorado went into the basement through a hole cut in the floor, the staircase had burned out in the early stages of the fire, and the fire was finally extinguished. 

All told there were several fire departments involved Andover, Rosehill, Sedgwick County, Augusta, Benton and El Dorado and even though we rarely all work together we all teamed up and helped each other with no trouble.  The team from El Dorado included four paid officers and two of the Butler Community College student residents.  


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