Annual Dinner Recognition

DinnerThe department held their annual dinner recognition last evening.  Over fifty people filled the Senior Center.  It all started with a prayer by Caleb Carson and then the meal.   Carson emceed the rest of the event also.

Lieutenant Coby Spear put together a video of last year’s photos for everyone to watch during dinner.

Then it was on with the recognitions.  The audience thanked Rosie Moody for fixing the dinner.  The retirees were recognized next.  Then it was each shift recognized, then volunteers, and then student residents.

Dinner2Next was Captain Max Brown who handed out service awards to a number of firefighters.

Chief Moody then stepped forward to give out some remaining awards.

Chad Wittenberg was recognized for everything he does in photography with the department.  Sandy Newton was recognized for everything she does helping the department with billing.

The award for most callbacks was a tie between two Calebs – Caleb Fistler and Caleb Carson.  Then it was the Volunteer with the most callbacks – Zach Floyd.

Dona Larimer was recognized for what she does for the Student Residents.

A great video, also put together by Lieutenant Spear, was shown next.

And, last was the Volunteer of the Year.  That prestigious award was given to Chris Towner.


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