Back to the Basics ~ Firefighter Safety & Survival ~ Saving Your Own

*Story by Captain Troy Jellison

4On Thursday October 9, 2014, many members of the El Dorado Fire Department and one member from Andover Fire Rescue attended a day long training course titled “Back To The Basics” FF Safety and Survival.

The class was brought to El Dorado by a very dedicated group of Firefighters from the Shawnee Fire Department.

Approximately 4 years ago Shawnee Firefighter John Glaser lost his life in the line-of-duty. Since that day this group of men from the SFD have gone around offering free training to other firefighters to help prevent another tragic loss of life.

The members from Shawnee were Capt. David Wolff, Capt. Curt Searcy, FF Spencer Rogers, FF Justin Verbenec, and FF Mike Schubert. These men came to El Dorado without being paid to be here. They volunteered to come train others in honor of their fallen brother.

The El Dorado Firefighters were instructed on the tried-and-true techniques of self-survival. These methods were hard-learned from past Line of Duty Deaths.

The lessons were designed to give our firefighters the “tools” they need to survive hostile environments and to help reduce the number of LODD’s. Mastering these basic self-survival methods will help ensure muscle memory when our firefighters are faced with a life threatening situation.

Those in attendance were taken through five drills which included the following: SCBA Air Consumption, the Pittsburg Drill, the Denver Drill, an emergency ladder bailout drill, and a search and rescue “Mayday” drill. Everyone involved learned a lot about their own abilities and about how far they could push their bodies if it means making it out alive!

By the end of the day there were a great many fully exhausted firefighters……Exhausted, but better prepared.

*Slide Photos by Photographer “El Dorado Volunteer” Chad Wittenberg

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