Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Don’t Go Without One

smoke-detectorA story aired on 20/20 ABC several years ago about an eleven year old child that died of carbon monoxide in a motel room after an elderly couple had died in the same room weeks before.  The problem was a faulty pool heater. The crazy thing is this same thing has happened before.

Here’s the other story.

Around twenty years ago a young family was traveling on the Interstate Highway through Salina when they experienced vehicle trouble.  So, they stopped at a motel while their vehicle would be worked on the next morning.

The family was swimming in the motel pool when their young boy, who was walking along the edge, passed out and fell into the pool. The father quickly grabbed him while the mother went to the front desk and requested an ambulance.

Lucky for the  family and the other guests in the motel the paramedic who responded sensed something was wrong in the motel.

The fire department came to the scene and discovered carbon monoxide.  Just like the 20/20 story the pool heater had malfunctioned.  The only difference was this was a fairly new motel.

This is a good reminder to be sure and get both smoke detector(s) and a carbon monoxide detector for your own home if you don’t have one.   Also, the sensors have a life span.  Replace the detector(s) if they are older than 10 years.

Here’s the 20/20 story/link:

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