CHLORINE – Hazmat Training

*Photos by Chad Wittenberg

Members of the El Dorado Fire Department participated in a mock chlorine leak scenario this morning.

The place was of the exercise was the water treatment plant.  Firefighters started by taking command of the incident.  There was a report of a worker down just inside the front door.

Two firefighters dressed in turnout gear and breathing air packs to effect the rescue of the worker.  After  the worker was rescued it was time to stop the leak.

Two more firefighters dressed in full Level A hazmat suits.  The firefighters took a special kit to cap off the leaking cylinder.

Dispatch and Emergency Management personnel all participated in the event.  Afterwards, the group met at the fire station to debrief on lessons learned.

Great job by all.

p.s. Thank you to the firefighters who stood by in the station to cover real calls. Also, thank you Chad Wittenberg.  Check out additional photos at

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