Halloween – “Mike the Monster”

Mike MonsterThe businessman decided to celebrate Halloween with an elaborate costume scarier than any movie character.

He was a big, dark green monster.   His clothes were shredded like he had been mauled by a pack of pit bulls. And, the mask – the right eye hung out and the left was embedded with an ice pick.   “Mike the Monster” was a crowd favorite.

Everywhere he went folks gasped and giggled with fright. It would be a night that Mike would long remember. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be a fun memory.

“Mike the Monster” decided to cross a busy highway later that evening. His vision through the scary mask was limited. Likewise, the dark costume was practically invisible to the car driver. The monster was struck at 40 mph.

Hollywood monsters might be invincible, but humans dressed as monsters aren’t. Mike was lucky that he survived, but his serious injuries would remind him of Halloween night forever.  

So, what is the point of telling you this story? The point is there are hundreds of stories similar to Mike’s – some with sadder endings.  What if we learned from their stories?

What if we thought about Mike when we chose our costume? What if we thought about Mike before crossing a busy street? Costumes can be fun without being dangerous.

And as long as we are on the topic of Halloween Safety let’s include a few additional things.

  • Pick a non-flammable costume.
  • Carry a flashlight or a glow stick.
  • Take off your mask when walking between houses.
  • Never go into a person’s home you don’t know.

Here is a link to more information (Halloween-safety.com). Educate yourself so you don’t suffer a terrible injury like “Mike the Monster.”

Have a safe, enjoyable Halloween!

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