HANDS ON THE WALL – Check Them Out

tIRESLieutenant Jack Zimmerman and Firefighter Quentin Sage were laying in their beds fast asleep when it happened.

KABLOOIE – An explosion!

What could it be?   An errant vehicle struck the building? An earthquake? A killer drone?

No, it was none of those.  It was a ruptured tire on Engine 8.

weston-brazil2That was a little over a week ago.  Today, new truck tires arrived.  The Quint would give up her tires to Engine 8 and the Quint would get a new set.

Hands on the Wall.

There’s always somebody behind the scene who’s responsible for getting things done.   Building inspections, hydrants flowed, water rescues, vehicle maintenance, and the list goes on and on.

Master Firefighter Mike Rose does the lion’s share of vehicle maintenance for the department.  And the tires wasn’t any different.  He ordered the tires and they arrived today.

IMG_5160Fire Marshal Joe Haag even got into the act.  He hauled the tires over to the tire shop.

Keep watch for those hands on the wall. When you see them go over and see who they belong to.

And thank them.


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