HOUSE FIRE – 9th Street Home Destroyed

*Photos by Chad Wittenberg

The lady of the house had a migraine headache and went to be early.  The husband went to bed later, but wasn’t sleeping well.  A10th 31t around 5 am he sat up  and noticed through the window an orange glow on the backside of the home.

When the husband went to investigate the glow he discovered the home was on fire – both outside and inside.  Everyone – the husband, wife, and children – exited.  After exiting he call 911.

Firefighters arrived to find the entire back of the home on fire, both inside and outside.   A quick knockdown of the outside was first initiated.  Firefighters then made an attack from the front door side of the home with the attempt to keep the fire away from the core.

The back of the home was totally destroyed by the fire.  The core of the home suffered heat, smoke, and water damage.    Firefighters helped move some keepsakes.

The family had a dog that was missing, but was later found unharmed.

The family’s insurance representative arrived later in the morning when firefighters had left the scene.  He told the family that the home would likely be totaled.

The fire is under investigation.



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