VIDEO: El Dorado Lantern Festival

Lan11 - CopyThree thousand people playing with fire. It doesn’t sound like a safe situation, but that’s exactly what it was last evening.

Folks were here at the El Dorado State Lake for the first Lantern Festival.

Round galvanized tubs with a couple wooden logs were scattered throughout the area. These were there to cook the s’mores – marshmallows, chocolate, and wafers.

Three ladies painted the children and some adult’s faces.

Talented singer and song writer Susie Brown sang to the crowd while everyone awaited darkness. It was in that darkness that thousands of sky lanterns were released to float away into the Kansas breeze.

The event went off without a hitch – other than a few lanterns getting hung up in a cotton wood tree – courtesy of Kansas wind.

A big THANK YOU to everyone responsible for bringing the event to El Dorado.

p.s. The fire department had a truck standby at the event but luckily weren’t needed.

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