LARGE WATER FLOW – Refinery Training

REfinery W11*Story by Captain Max Brown

On Thursday morning our department was once again able to participate in training provided with and along with the Holly Frontier Refinery.  The training was on using high volume water from a portable trailer and using the Blitz Ground Monitor.

Members of our department manned the trailer as one of the training props, a small tank with water and petroleum product, was set on fire and they used the large monitor on the trailer to extinguish the fire.  

Training also included where the pressure pumps were located and how to start them if the hydrant system in the plant needed more pressure and the remote start wouldn’t work.  It also included viewing different types of tanks and some of the pre-piped extinguishing systems currently in place.  

Being able to train on the refinery training grounds along with the refinery’s firefighting personnel helps make our firefighters more rounded in their capabilities and we thank Holly Frontier for inviting us out to learn with them. 

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