Max Brown – Honoring a Legend

Water fun331 years.  A lot of water has flowed under the bridge.  The stories are many.  Max and others shared a handful.

The Beginning. Max started his career when the fire department was under Public Safety. He is the last one remaining on the department to do that. The legend has countless certifications – hazmat, medical, leadership, and firefighting.  You name it, he has taken it.

Short.  Yes, Max is short in stature, but you couldn’t find a tougher firefighter.  A recent fire showed just how tough he is.  Max showed up to a house that had the entire backside on fire.  Just another day’s work.

Frugal.  You couldn’t ask for a better steward of the taxpayer’s monies. Max handled uniform purchasing and let me tell you, if there was a better price, Max would find it. It didn’t matter what the salesman’s name was and it didn’t matter what the company’s name was –  the bottom line was, “What was the best deal for the citizens?”

Citizen Kane. There’s an old movie that is ranked by many as the best all time. It’s name is Citizen Kane.  The story is about a young boy who inherits a fortune.  He’s living with a foster family at the time.  When they come to get him he’s snow sledding.  Across the top of the sled is the name Rosebud.  On his dying bed he proclaims that the meaning of life is about one thing – Rosebud.

Honor.  For a firefighter that one thing is honor. Honor embodies all of our core values – Integrity, responsibility, excellence, innovation, respect, and stewardship.  And today, Captain Max Brown, we Honor you.

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