NEW FIREFIGHTER – Maverick Horsch

MaverickHis name is Maverick Horsch and he is El Dorado”s newest Volunteer Firefighter.

Maverick works as a Sergeant at El Dorado Correctional Facility.  He initially started at EDCF because of some friends that he went to high school with.  They too had gotten jobs at EDCF and recommended it. He has been at EDCF for three years and intends to be there another three years.

Maverick has been going to Butler Community College since he was eighteen years old. Because of life getting in the way his years at BCC have altered from full-time to part time constantly. I will be attending the BEST program offered at BCC with the accompaniment of Emporia State University.

He actually would be really far into this program if his advisors had been more direct with him. Incidentally, he has somewhere around one-hundred-and-thirty hours at BCC and will obtain approximately seventy-five more credit hours prior to graduating with his Bachelors degree in elementary education.

Maverick is a part-time running coach at Oz Endurance.  He also competes in running and intends to qualify for the Boston Marathon this September.

Maverick is married, but doesn’t consider this list to be in order from most important to least important or vise versa. He places his marriage as the most important activity. He met his wife five years ago and have been married for over three years now. Her name is Branda Horsch.  He presumes that you will meet her in the future. She works at South Central Mental Health and has a Bachelors from WSU in social work.

Maverick has lived in El Dorado since he was eleven, prior to El Dorado  living in Wellington, Kansas. He really enjoys El Dorado and finds that it offers a lot of amenities along with job opportunities and educational opportunities.  He considers El Dorado home and would like to invest time in his community.

He believes that if a person is capable then they should be willing to go that extra step. He doesn’t intend for you to think that he’s a scrupulous individual, but he does hold himself to a high standard of morals and obligations.

He describes himself as an average Joe that just wants the world to be a little bit better. That is all he can say about himself.

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