Orlando Terrorist Attack

TerroristThe largest mass killing by shooter in America’s history.   That’s what it was. There were 50 killed plus over 50 injured.   People more intelligent than me will talk about every angle they can think of concerning the matter.

So, let’s simply look at how an event of this sort affects fire and EMS response.

First of all safety is paramount in a situation of this sort.  A bullet flying from an assault rifle will go a long distance.  One of the police strike force team members was struck in the head and most likely only survived because of the helmet he was wearing.

The initial arriving emergency responders were certainly met with mass chaos.  Scores of wounded were fleeing the night club.  Many were loaded into privately owned vehicles or police pickups for transport to the hospital.  Not necessarily a bad thing.

Triage  in a safe area would be a first order of business.  Lighting for that area would also be important.  Stripping some of the initial ambulances of their supplies and equipment would be a good move.

Orlando is a large city with a number of ambulances, but fifty patients adds up even if you load two patients per ambulance.  Twenty-five is a lot of ambulances.  Smaller cities will need mutual aid.

Transport to hospitals must be coordinated so you don’t overload some while under taxing others.   El Dorado would be taking patients to the Wichita hospitals.

Living with the memories will affect many.   Somebody had to check each of the 50 dead which will leave some terrible memories.   Some type of debriefing is in order as soon as possible.

Everything our Orlando brothers and sisters did was admirable.  We wish them the best in their recovery.

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