PICKUP 1 – First of its Kind

IMG_2694This morning it got its’ official wet down, its’ blessing, and its’ cutting of the tape before radioing dispatch and backing into its’ stall.

Pickup #1 is its’ name.

It has some differences from the department’s other wild land trucks – called Squads.

First, it has a single back wheel instead of the dual wheel used on the department’s Squads. Hopefully, this will reduce the number of times the vehicle gets stuck in muddy grounds.

Next, the firefighter rides on the front instead of the back.  This affords the firefighter better sight and thereby better sight relayed back to the driver.  It also affords the firefighter a better vantage point to fight fire.

Last is the biggest difference.  This is the first fire truck anywhere that we know of that is dual fuel.  There’s the gasoline tank and then there’s a Compressed Natural Gas tank. The purpose of using CNG fuel is it burns cleaner and it costs substantially less.

Below is the Blessing read before Pickup #1 was officially placed in service.  Please read out loud so you too can ask for the blessing.

Bless This Truck

Father, the emergencies they will be many.

Often times this truck and those who ride it will be in harm’s way

Father, Bless this Truck and the men who staff it.

Protect it and protect them while they protect others.

All this we ask humbly of you. 




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