RIVER RESCUE – Walnut River

W8Butler County Emergency Responders from various agencies were dispatched early yesterday morning to the low water dam on the Walnut River.  Two young brothers were fishing when one entered the water to do some hand fishing.

Shortly after entering the water the turbulence sucked the man off his feet and under the water.  When this happened the other brother jumped in to try to save him.  He was unsuccessful in rescuing his brother, but was able to save himself.  A bicyclist riding by called 911.

Once on scene the rescue team rigged up a rope system and hooked that into a water rescue boat.  Rescuers searched the entire dam frontage repeatedly without finding the victim.

Early on a request was made of the Corps of Engineer to close the gates controlling the release of water from El Dorado Lake.  Emergency crew members worked until the darkness of night without being able to locate the fisherman.

The next morning the waters hadn’t subsided enough for a dive team.  The rescue workers are again  checking downstream and waiting on the waters to subside further to recheck the dam head.

*Special thanks to the Salvation Army for providing food and water to the emergency responders and victim’s family.  Keep the victim and his family in your thoughts.  

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