Roadway Safety

car-accident-3629240The accident happened mid-morning just before lunch.  The sunny spring day was being used to fill roadway potholes.

The roadway being fixed was Broadway, a street with a 40 mph speed limit.  The big yellow truck had its’ yellow lights on.  And the workers had their reflective vests donned.

Bob was scooping asphalt off the back of the truck which had the tailgate down.

Bob probably never saw it coming.  There was no sign that the driver ever saw Bob either, because there was no sign that he tried to stop.

The impact into the tailgate almost cut off the lower part of Bob’s body.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bob’s accident should serve as a reminder to all roadway workers, including firefighters.  Establishing a vehicle as a blocker is a key to roadway safety.

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