Rosalia Home Fire – 5243 NE 53rd St.

IMG_1478 Good4 Good2The fire started on the backside of the home and it quickly ran up the wall into the eve of the roof.  The homeowner tried to suppress the fire with a garden hose until fire crews arrived, but the fire made it into the roof segment – which turned out to be a tight weaved maze.

The roof was built with truss rafters – a maze of small dimension lumber sandwiched together with metal gussett plates.  The bottom of the rafters – which was the ceiling – was sandwiched with 5/8″ sheetrock.  The top was sandwiched with plywood, which was sandwiched with ashphalt shingles, which was sandwiched with metal tin.  It was a firefighter access nightmare.

The time onscene was approaching the four hour mark when firefighters were finally comfortable in calling the fire “under control.”

Firefighters tried everything they could to get things done sooner.  The firefighters removed the gable ends of the roof, but the cathedral construction afforded them no advantage with that approach.  The firefighters removed sections of the roof, but the open maze roof trusses simply let the fire move into other areas of the roof.

Chief Bender and the Rosalia Firefighters were aided by Chief Moody and the City of El Dorado Firefighters.   Over thirty firefighters assisted with the arduous fire fight.

Good5IMG_1469Some of the family’s keepsakes were salvaged, but the majority of their valuables were either damaged or destroyed.  Two pets were yet to be found as of the time of this writing.

The Red Cross was on scene assisting the family.   Luckily, no injuries were reported to either family or firefighters.  Butler County Medics were also on scene in case there was an injury or illness, as well as providing rehab for firefighters.

It was reported that some hot coals were placed around a plastic trashcan that sat next to the exterior wall in the area of fire origin.  At this time the cause of the fire is under investigation.



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