Selfless Service

By Lieutenant Michael Rose

When you think about the phrase “Selfless Service”, what ideas are sparked or imagined in your brain? Is it a heroic act that is performed by a stranger or a simple act of generosity? The El Dorado Fire Department is comprised of several members that provide Selfless Service to the community. Each member is ready and prepared to fulfill their duty, when they are called upon.

April 27, 2017 was not just another normal day at the firehouse. It seemed to begin just like every other job but the day would unwind into something unique.  The on duty crew arrived to start the day and check in the apparatus. The daily grind had begun with a couple of events scheduled for the day, hose test, training and building inspections.

At 1 o’clock, Engine 10 arrived at Station 2 to perform the hose test. This test would require members to remove all the hose off the apparatus and place the hose onto the ground. Each hose was inspected prior to the pressure test. “This won’t take long”, stated a Student Resident, who has obviously never completed hose test before. If you were wondering, there is a little of 2000 ft. of hose on a fire engine, shouldn’t take long at all.

The test requires us to fill the hoses with water and pressure test the hose at 250 psi for 5 minutes. The test was completed and time for a break. As I walked into the bay to grab a cup of coffee, the El Dorado Fire Department was dispatched to North Emporia for a structure fire. Guys sprinting across the apparatus floor to put on their gear is the image that was seen by the neighbors at Station 2 that afternoon.

Engine 9 and Tower 1 responded to the call and arrived on scene to find a house with heavy fire on the front porch of the residence. Master Firefighter Caleb Carson was down the street mowing yards and responded to assist with pump operations and water supply. The extinguishment was witnessed by several cell phone taking pictures as bystanders stood in the street.

This is the picture that the community sees, these are the images that are printed and posted in the news. What most people don’t see, is the “Selfless Service” that takes place at the fire station during these incidents. Lieutenant Shane McCoy, Firefighter Chris McGathy, Firefighter Caleb Fistler and Student Resident Grayson Pryce arrived at Station 2 to provide Selfless Service to the community. These gentleman not only provided for the community that day, but went above the call to provide an unforgettable service to the brotherhood.

They decided to load the hose onto Engine 10 and wash several pieces of equipment. I, Lt. Rose arrived at the Station to find Engine 10 parked on the front apron and fully equipped for service. My jaw dropped and the words of Thank you should have been spoken, but in the moment, I was completely speechless. The guys were tired, worn down and needing rest and the thought of coming back to the station to load 2000 feet of hose was a little overwhelming. I don’t know how to repay the favor and we are in debt to these gentleman. Hopefully, this story has portrayed the image of “Selfless Service” and these gentleman will receive the gratitude that they deserve.


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