STATION TOUR – First Baptist Daycare

Daycare1Today our Fire Station had visitors from the First Baptist Daycare, 27 children and 4 adults came to see the Fire Station and the Fire Trucks.  We started off by giving them a tour of the building, offices, kitchen, day room and sleeping quarters.

We then took them out and showed them the Fire Trucks and let them climb aboard and sit where the firefighters sit.  We talked to them about Stop, Drop and Roll and Firefighter Pollard demonstrated this technique to them so they would know what to do if their clothes catch fire.

We then demonstrated to them what we would look and sound like if we had to come to their house if it was on fire and we had to come inside and get them.  Firefighter Pollard went step by step on how we get into our gear and as he did we would explain to them what we were doing until eventually Firefighter Pollard was completely geared up and on breathing air.

He then crawled on the floor like we would if we were searching a house and talked to the kids so they could hear what a firefighter would sound like if they were searching for them.  We do this so the kids will be more willing, in a fire situation, to go to the firefighters and not hide from them since they will already be scared as it is we don’t want them afraid of us too.

All of the kids then came up and gave Firefighter Pollard “High Fives” and got a closer look at Firefighter Pollard in his gear.  The kids were given coloring books, crayons and stickers to take back to the daycare with them.

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