STRUCTURE FIRE: 5800 Block of Haverhill – VIDEO

Haver3A passerby reported the fire.  It was located in a large metal building, sitting south of the home, connected by a breeze way, with a stiff southern wind.  A recipe for a big fire loss.

Firefighters from Towanda and Augusta both helped in the firefight.  It took fifteen firefighters over forty-five minutes to control the fire.  The fire was worsened by a large gas tank that exploded early during the fire.

The building’s metal walls and roof both also hindered the firefight.  Firefighters had to manually skewer and pull the metal panels to get to the fire.

A breezeway between the metal structure and the home was at one time afire seriously endangering the home.  The metal structure was a complete loss as well as everything stored inside it.

One family pet was rescued and another was still missing.

Cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

*Photos by Chad Wittenberg, video by Levi Wittenberg.  Check for more photos. Additional video per helmet cam coming soon. 



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