TECHNOLOGY – Unmanned Aircraft

*All pictures taken by Photographer Chad Wittenberg.  Go to if interested in acquiring any photo.

DroneFirefighters deserve the best vehicles and equipment the customers can afford.  This includes technology.

There has been a lot of talk about using unmanned aircraft in emergency service, but because the technology is fairly new, potential customers are hesitant to jump in.

The El Dorado Fire Department is one of those who recognize the value of Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle UAV, but uncertainty and cost was holding them back.  Along comes a company named NMotion.

NMotion is a newly formed Unmanned Aircraft business that was in need of a user to jumpstart the technology.  This aligned NMotion with the El Dorado Fire Department.  Through an agreement NMotion will loan one of their aircraft to the El Dorado Fire Department in exchange for use of any videos taken by the EFD.

Today was one of those training exercises.   The aircraft won’t be used  in the suppression of vehicle fires, but it was good to train on the steps to using the aircraft.

There are still some steps needed to be taken before the FD can use the aircraft, but things are getting much closer.  We will share future steps as they happen.




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