Thanks for the Visits

BugleOne of the most important things a tax supported organization must do administratively is “tell their story.”  The public must know what you are doing for them.

Emergency service organizations are no exception.

This website was put together to help tell the El Dorado Fire Department story.  We want you to know what your fire department is doing for you.

Your response to our recent posting of the Washington Street fire was phenomenal.  So far we have had over 600 viewings.

What makes this even more impressive is the website is still in the development stage.  So, please bear with us as it gets completed.

Thank you for your interest.

Fire Chief Steve Moody

*I might add that other than a $20 charge to increase the server size (because of the concentrated traffic that overloaded and crashed the site), there have been no costs to the taxpayers.  It pays to have a son that’s a web and marketing specialist. 

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