TOOLS – Custom Made

El Dorado Firefighters are a pretty skilled  group of individuals.  This fact proves true on a regular basis.

a tools2Recently, it was two firefighters with two ideas.

The first idea was a custom wild land firefighting rake.  Lieutenant Shane McCoy made two of these tools for the grassland rigs.  A one inch round piece of steel was threaded into a t-coupling.  Then the t-coupling was welded to a flat plate.  On the plate were bolted on cutter blades.

a tools

The next idea was a safety bar mounted on the back of a grass rig.  Until now firefighters were not safety belted.  Firefighter Scott VanPatten manufactured this safety bar.  The uniqueness of this equipment piece is that it was made from 2″ steel pipe turned 180 degrees by a special tool.

Scott also recently made some custom hydrant wrenches.

Great job Shane and Scott – and thank you.

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