Trump – Change is Needed

Donald Trump has accomplished some good things in his short term in office. The problem is he has to elaborate on everything good to the extreme and bad mouth anybody who speaks out against him by name calling.

One can think what they want of President Obama. But he didn’t elaborate his accomplishments or bad mouth those who spoke out against him.

The way Trump treats John McCain is abominable. Trump talks about an event named after McCain and refuses to utter McCain’s name.

Trump’s family isn’t even immune. He name called his son on a secretly taped meeting.
It’s a weak man that has to toot his own horn. And Trump is the king of tooting his own horn.

Trump will have a total group of folks in his immediate staff (if he doesn’t already) that will fail to tell him any bad news. Having all yes men doesn’t protect him. Bad things sometimes can be fixed if found out soon enough.

Making up things is another problem with the president. Trump doesn’t think about the truth much at all. He just utters what sounds good to him.

I’m afraid Trump has set a pattern that he won’t change. He would be well off to stop using Twitter for starters, but it appears that he is set in his ways.

You can tell that I’m not a Trump fan, but I do wish him success. I just don’t think he can accomplish success without making some changes.

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