UPDATE – River Recovery

Water RescueIt’s now been a day and a half that emergency responders have been trying to locate a missing young man who was fishing and fell into the waters of the Walnut River.

Initially there was a problem in getting the water gates at the El Dorado State Lake closed to a minimum flow.  After the gates were readdressed this morning the water receded substantially over the day.

The Butler County Rescue team spent the entire afternoon walking and boating the low dam area, while another crew floated down the river a significant distance to make sure the young man hadn’t floated downstream.

Unfortunately, the man has not been located.

An emergency responder will remain on scene through tonight.   If the flow over the dam has subsided the Rescue Team plans on putting scuba divers in the water for the search.

Keep the young man, his family, and the rescue team in your prayers.

*The video below shows rescue team members searching on the first day.


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