Virtual Reality Firefighter Training With GOOGLE CARDBOARD

Google CardboardThe El Dorado Fire Department is developing plans on using virtual reality for training.  This is made possible when you can get a virtual reality headset for $5 to $15 thanks to Google Cardboard.

Here’s how it works.

Google Cardboard is literally “just a piece of cardboard.”  This cardboard box  is engineered into a headset that holds a smart phone running any of the new virtual reality applications.

Most of the current applications and virtual reality videos let the user experience fun things like a stroll around the Eiffel Tower or a trip to the Great Barrier Reef.  But, look out for Google Cardboard to be used in many fields of study.

So, what about using it  in firefighter training?

Google Cardboard 2Imagine training a group of firefighters in  truck pumping operations without a fire truck.     Or doing search and rescue.  Training without stepping out on the fire training grounds.  Your firefighters don’t have to wait their turn on the real truck because they don’t need a real fire truck.  A cardboard box with a smart phone will be all that’s needed.

Google Cardboard doesn’t eliminate the need for hands on training, but it will enhance the preparation before the hands on training and it allows ease in refresher training.

The cardboard is ready.  Plans on training?  COMING SOON!





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