WATER FUN – Fire Department Supplied

Water fun5On Sunday afternoon the Fire Department was asked to do an annual favor for the Butler County 4-H Fair.

Each year about this time the 4-H Fair takes place at the Butler County 4-H building and animal pens on N. Griffith in El Dorado.

The Fair goes on for several days and most usually it is pretty hot at this time of the year and each year the Fair Staff asks if the Fire Department can come over and cool down the kids.

This years crew consisting of Captain Max Brown, Lieutenant Jack Zimmerman and Firefighters Caleb Carson and Curtis Pollard took Q-1 over and hooked up 200′ of 3″ hose to the fire hydrant at 1st and Griffith.

The hose was then hooked into the back of Q-1 and the aerial was raised and used to spray down all kids and adults, even at least one fireman, that wanted to get wet and cool off.  We ran the water for about 30 minutes and many kids had a great time.


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