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Training Together – Emergency Service & Correctional Facility


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Everyone has the potential of having an emergency.  And some places where an emergency happens is a bit more complicated than others.  Take for instance – prisons.

Since everyone can have an emergency, everyone needs to practice their emergency plan.  And for the complicated places it’s even more important.  That’s why the El Dorado Fire Department, El Dorado Correctional Facility, and Butler County Emergency Management got together today to practice a simulated emergency.

The simulation was an explosion in the paint area of the Century Maufacturing building.  Smoke grenades were deployed for realism.  And the emergency message went out as “an explosion with hazmat.”

The prison activated their EOC Emergency Operations Center and assumed Incident Command of the emergency.  While the fire department took the ICS role of Operations going right to work to first ensure that any fire was suppressed.  They then triaged the injured and set up a decontamination operation.

The mock injuries ranged from the non-serious to the dead.  All of the individuals affected by the hazmat were decontaminated.  After that they were simulation sent to an area hospital.

The intricacies of operating within a prison are unique.  By having exercises it helps fine tune the operation should it be real some day.




Thanks for the Visits

BugleOne of the most important things a tax supported organization must do administratively is “tell their story.”  The public must know what you are doing for them.

Emergency service organizations are no exception.

This website was put together to help tell the El Dorado Fire Department story.  We want you to know what your fire department is doing for you.

Your response to our recent posting of the Washington Street fire was phenomenal.  So far we have had over 600 viewings.

What makes this even more impressive is the website is still in the development stage.  So, please bear with us as it gets completed.

Thank you for your interest.

Fire Chief Steve Moody

*I might add that other than a $20 charge to increase the server size (because of the concentrated traffic that overloaded and crashed the site), there have been no costs to the taxpayers.  It pays to have a son that’s a web and marketing specialist. 

UPDATE! – Washington St. Fire

Firefighters later found the missing third pet from the Washington St. fire.  It was alive, scared, a little singed and having some difficulty breathing – likely due to smoke inhallation.

Firefighters used their special K9 oxygen mask they carry to give him some high dose oxygen and then some fresh water.  The pet was then turned over to the owners.  When firefighters left the scene the dog seemed to be doing much better.

Firefighters also returned earlythis morning to put out a small fire that had rekindled.  That fire was quickly extinguished.


Early Evening Fire

photoEarly this evening a fire at 701 N. Washington caused extensive damage to single family home.

Occupant Richard Saltsman said he he had cooked some dinner with grease in a big pot.  Afterwards he thought he turned the burner off, but stated that possibly he turned it fully on.

Because he went into the kitchen and discovered the grease in the pot on fire.  He said that he put a lid on the pot, but almost immediately after that the fire flashed.

The flash ignited the bottom side of the kitchen cabinets.  Richard and his wife, along with their two dogs exited the home.

Firefighters arrived to find the entire kitchen on fire as well as adjoining rooms.  The firefighters made a fast attack and got a quick knock down.

Later, firefighters needed to cut a hole in the roof because the fire had extended into that area.

The occupants had someone they could stay with, but had no insurance.

The owners of the home are Scott and Carol Haigler.

A third pet that was in the home at the time of the fire has yet to be located.