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It’s A Wonderful Life – Laycie & Kendall

photo (3)photoIt was early morning Christmas Day 2012.  Calli Jones was pregnant with twin girls.

The day was still a ways off from the expected delivery date, so she didn’t think too much about the pains she was having.  But, just in case she decided they better head for the Wichita Hospital where she was supposed to deliver.

So, husband Andy went outside to start the car.  And, wouldn’t you know it, “The car had a flat tire.”  Andy later said, “God certainly had his hands in this matter.”  Because if not for the flat tire they would’ve been out stranded on the highway when it happened.

The first emergency responders to arrive on scene were FF/EMTs Dylan Woodbridge and Derick Boggs.

Baby Laycie was the first to arrive.  The trouble was she was breach – that’s bottom first presenting and even in a hospital setting a photo (1)breach birth can spell TROUBLE.

Even though this was their first baby delivery, Woodbridge and Boggs stayed calm and were able to assist in the birth of Baby Laycie.  And, Butler County Paramedics arrived on the coat tails of the delivery and took over advanced level care.  The Paramedics loaded Calli and Layci.  Baby Kendall came along a bit later.

It’s almost one year later.  Baby Layci and Kendall are beautiful toddlers and they all came to see their first delivery team.  And, Woodbridge and Boggs had a Christmas gift – a little toy fire truck.

Andy was right, “God certainly had his hands in this matter.”

Engine 10 – A Beauty

Engine 10Two El Dorado FD personnel – Troy Jellison & Jack Zimmerman – took an airplane ride up north to Columbus, Ohio.  The purpose of their trip was to make a final inspection of a new Engine Pumper – Engine 10.

Engine 10 passed the inspection.

As part of the purchase agreement Engine 10 will be delivered by Suthphen.  There will be a stopover at a dealership in El Dorado and then the Citizens of El Dorado will be the proud owners of a new Engine Pumper – Engine 10.

Thanks to Troy & Jack for making the inspection trip.

Appreciation – To Us & From Us

photo (24)It’s been happening all week long. One after another they have walked in the front door at the El Dorado Fire Department.

They are bearing thanks – along with cards and goodies.

Of course this is the time of the year to be thankful.

And, we at the El Dorado Fire Department would like to give thanks too.

To our Citizens, Mayor & Commissioners, fellow City Employees, and our neighboring Emergency Service providers –

photo (22)“Thank you for all you have done for us!”



Towanda House Fire – El Dorado FD Assists

El Dorado Firefighters working on ventilation.
El Dorado Firefighters working on ventilation.

A house fire in the City of Towanda this morning caused extensive damage.  El Dorado Firefighters as well as others assisted the Towanda FD in the  firefight.

It was initially reported that people were entrapped, but everyone exited the home without injury.  But, several pets did perish in the fire.