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Dylan Woodbridge – Sad News/Happy News

photo (23)El Dorado Firefighter Dylan Woodbridge has been making trips to the Pensacola, Florida area to visit family and friends every since he was a young child.  During one of those early trips he tried out the sport of scuba diving.  One scuba dive and he was hooked.

As he got older Dylan had the goal of becoming a firefighter.  He attained that goal a couple years ago when he was hired as an El Dorado Firefighter.

Dylan loved his job as an El Dorado Firefighter, but he just couldn’t get the love of scuba diving out of his thoughts.  So, he set a new goal for himself.  He set a goal of becoming a Pensacola Firefighter.

The sad news is that we are losing Dylan.

The happy news is that Dylan will soon fulfill his Pensacola Firefighter goal.  After seven trips to Pensacola he has made it through all the hoops .  Dylan doesn’t have an official date yet, because they are hiring a group of firefighters and they need to figure out all the logistics.

The value a person brings to their workplace, and life in general, shouldn’t be gauged in the number of days they work.  The value should be gauged in the quality in those days.   Dylan is an incredible firefighter.

Dylan, “Thanks for quality – day in and day out.”




Rudolph the Red-nosed Firefighter

RudolfIn the old days of fighting fire – before all the fancy protective gear – the firefighters would use their ears to gauge the heat.  When the ears started toasting up then it was time to retreat.  Now we have what’s called “nomex hoods” to protect our heads and face – excepting around the eyes.

The eyes would have to be protected by a mask.  But, even the areas that the nomex hood can protect are subject to toasting if the hood isn’t pulled over them.

Case in point?

Resident Firefighter Bryson Gann didn’t get his nomex hood pulled up over his nose during a recent wild land fire.  And the result?  For a few weeks he will be known as “Rudolph the Red-nosed Firefighter”.

Fire Chief Green – Nancy’s Thanks

Nancy & Captain Jellison
Nancy & Captain Jellison

Retired Fire Chief Ralph Green’s wife Nancy stopped by the fire station this morning.

She stopped by to thank EVERYONE for showing their respect for her husband at his funeral.

You will see how very much it meant to her after you listen to her tell you – in her own words – in the video link below.





1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10….and Counting

by Chief Steve Moody

Photo by Chief Moody
Photo by Chief Moody

My youngest son who lives in Manhattan, Kansas called at around 7:30 this evening.  He asked me if the winds were blowing in Butler County.  I told him “no.”

I asked, “Why?”  He said because the winds were blowing at a speed of over 50 mph in Manhattan – straight out of the north.

Less than 20 minutes later the Manhattan winds arrived in Butler County – all 50 mph of them.  And that was when the wild land fires started too.

As of this writing there had been TEN separate wild land fires – some larger than others.  And the crews are still out there and the winds are still blowing

The causes were multiple – some old controlled burns from earlier in the evening that got stoked up, others caused by arcing electrical power lines.

Fire crews from all across the county were out in full force.  Everybody was helping everybody.

Any fire carries a great deal of danger for firefighters.  Fires in the darkness of the night muliply that risk ten-fold.

So, say a prayer for the firefighters before you go to bed tonight.  And, say another prayer for the winds to die down – soon.




Butler County – Brotherhood Excellence


by Fire Chief Steve Moody

A whole lot of Butler County people showed up at the First United Methodist Church in El Dorado this past Saturday morning.  They were there to show their respect for retired Fire Chief Ralph Green.

There were fire personnel, law enforcement, emergency management, cowboys, and citizens from every walk of life.  Not only was the ground floor seating completely full, so was the balcony.

Numerous personal item were spread across the front of the cathedral with two large picture screens showing pictures of Chief Green at different times through his life.

Retired El Dorado Fire Officer Rick Whiteside shared stories as did Pastor Andrew.

But, this wasn’t the only presence of Butler County people.

Early in the morning fire crews from Augusta, Towanda, Benton and others arrived in El Dorado with their firefighters and their fire trucks.  They were there to to cover for fire protection so the El Dorado Firefighters could attend the Chief’s service and not get called out for a fire.  Major Ray Marbury commanded the team.

It looked like the mutual aide presence wasn’t going to be needed.  Then just as the funeral procession arrived at the cemetary, that oh-so-common emergency tone sounded.  Dry conditions have put Butler County in a mega-wild land fire mode.  And here was another.

But, our Brothers were there to cover.  So, the El Dorado Firefighters remained at the graveside, listening to the last rites, and getting to pay their last respects to the Chief’s family.  While the Brothers fought and extinguished the fire.

Butler County – Brotherhood Excellence!