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Apartment Complex Fire

AlcoveAlcove 3There was a fire in an alcove landing on one of the two-story apartments at 1101 W. Clark Ave. late last evening. Firefighters arrived to find fire and smoke coming from the alcove landing. The firefighters made an immediate attack with hand lines to quickly extinguish the fire.

Multiple occupants were evacuated from the building while the firefighters performed their job. The fire appeared to be started by a discarded cigarette. The major portion of the flooring was a concrete overlay, but the corners had small openings into the wood framed area. This was where the fire originated.

Firefighters did extensive overhaul of the alcove to ensure the fire was completely extinguished. The electrical power to the building was temporarily turned off, but was turned back on after firefighters completely extinguished all fire. The fire was contained to the outside alcove and for that reason the occupants were allowed to re-enter their apartments.

Firefighters were onscene for approximately 2 hours.

Wildland Fire Expert – Ultimate Professional

Ray 2I introduced the speaker to the standing room only crowd. But, I didn’t need to introduce him. The crowd was there because they know Major Ray Marbut from Augusta.

I think it’s fair to say that there is nobody that knows wild land firefighting like Ray Marbut, nor is there anybody who has more passion for the job. He explained incident command, he explained how to fight wild land fires, he explained how to care for your vehicles, and on and on.

And Ray equals his knowledge of wild land firefighting with his presentation skills. Two and one half hours later seemed like ten minutes. The reason is his profound knowledge mixed in with his stories that solidify his message. And he knows how to use the right story at the right time to the right depth. Few presentors possess such skill.

Major Ray Marbut needs to be speaking at State Fire Conferences and National Fire Conferences. Firefighters from across the nation could prosper from his teachings. Some might just save theirs or their crew’s life.

We are fortunate to have Major Ray Marbut in Butler County for another reason. The man is one of the most giving people you will ever know. If you need his help, all you have to do is call.

Thank You Ray, we appreciate everything you do!

Chimney Fire

Chimney FireThe caller advised a chimney fire and that flames were visible. The home was a single story structure located at 2554 SE 40th Ave.

Fire crews arrived shortly and by that time the fire had lessened. Firefighters carried out some of the firewood in the fire box. They then checked for extension into the attic and found none.

The residents had cleaned their chimney this year, but this is a good reminder to make sure and have this done at least yearly.

New Student Resident

NathanDavid Northrup is our newest Student Resident. He was born and raised in Wichita, Ks. His mother, Janell Hopkins, is married to his step-dad Doug Hopkins. They live in Wichita.

His father, John Northrup, is married to his step-mom Irene Northrup and they also live in Wichita.

Some special accomplishments are just being able to attend college. Another one of his special accomplishments is just being able to work at the El Dorado Fire Department.

Fire Fighting hasn’t always been something that he wanted to do but after half a year up at K-state in the 2012-2013 school year, he decided to change majors and go into fire fighting.

He hasn’t regretted the change yet nor will he ever.

Welcome aboard David!