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“Good People Helping Good Causes”

Library Director  Kristi Jacobs
Library Director
Kristi Jacobs
As reported in an earlier story the El Dorado firefighters were greeted at this past weekend’s “Hot Car” event with an unexpected public reaction.

As some of the folks walked up to firefighters they unexpectedly reached into their pocketbook for donation money.

It was a beautiful gesture, but here in the City of El Dorado the only time firefighters solicit the public for money is for the Muscular Dystrophy Association on Labor Day weekend.

So, if you see El Dorado’s Firefighters set up (non-emergency) somewhere in the public – it’s for an important prevention effort.

Please don’t avoid us!

With that said, “Don’t avoid those who truly are in need.”

The El Dorado Library and the El Dorado YMCA with their expansions. The Salvation Army, the Red Cross – and the list goes on.

“Good People Helping Good Causes.”

The Right Truck @ The Right Price ~ Pierce Factory Trip

*Story by Captain Max Brown

20140723_090557Lt. Shane McCoy Master FF Mike Rose, and myself headed out for Appleton Wisconsin at about 4:15 a.m. this past Tuesday.

Our trek started with a car drive from El Dorado to Lawrence. It was there that we met up with Pierce fire truck Salesman Roger Brown (no relative to Max). Roger then transported us to the airport in Kansas City.

At around 11:00 the airplane in Kansas City took us to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And, from there it was a two-hour ride to Appleton.

We were immediately taken to the main Pierce plant where we toured the factory until about 4:30 p.m. The tour was a little bit reversed from what we expected. It started with the final assembly area and worked back from there.

Day two we started at the main plant again. We went through some of the processes of what Pierce does ~ painting, installing wiring, cab and chassis assembly and more. Then, we went out and test drove as well as operated the ladder of a 100’ aerial platform.

After lunch we went to Pierce’s north plant in Appleton where we watched them put together the sections of aerial ladders and platforms, as well as seeing how the cabs were built. We also saw many ARF trucks (airport rescue firefighting) that they build for the military and airports across the country.

On July 24th we drove from Appleton to Kewanee to the fabrication plant. This is where they actually receive the steel and make the aerial ladders, platforms, torque boxes for the stabilizers, and paint them.

After touring that plant it was back to the main plant in Appleton to go over some of the truck cab styles, body and pump options, paint colors, and storage compartments.

On July 25th the day was spent looking again at the different options for the trucks and picking out what our group would like to see on our truck. Using this information the the representative put together a sample spec and gave a preliminary price if we were to choose specific options.

On July 26th it was time to head back home. We left Appleton at about 6:45 a.m. and arrived in El Dorado around 3:30 p.m. According to the all of us it was a very informative trip. It gave us a lot to consider no matter who we want to build the truck.

The Goal?

The Right Truck at The Right Price!

Battery Charging – BE CAREFUL!

*Story by Captain Troy Jellison

BatteryEl Dorado Firefighters ran an interesting call this past week.

The Dispatch message was a request for response to a residential home for a Carbon Monoxide detector alarm sounding.

Firefighters responded and arrived at the home to find readings in the basement of 40 parts per million. Normal readings should be in the 0-9 parts per million.

The next step the firefighters needed to take was to find out what was causing the high reading. All of the gas appliances in the home were activated and none emitted carbon monoxide. As a last thought, they checked the garage.

Instantly their CO gauge spiked to 500 ppm. The firefighters quickly opened the overhead garage door to clear out the CO. Then, on with the investigation.

They checked the motor of the vehicle in the garage. It was cold to the touch and hadn’t been operated recently. And that’s when they thought they found the culprit. The owner was charging a car battery.

The firefighters used their smart phones to research that possibility. The attachment in the link below fully explains their finding.

The short explanation is a battery puts off hydrogen gas during the charging process. And, hydrogen shows up as CO on most detectors. Furthermore, the charging of a battery puts off several toxic gases.

The process of charging a battery might not expel enough bad off-gases to cause immediate harm, but it certainly could be harmful over a period of exposure. And, exponentially more harmful to children.

The message is, “Be careful when charging a battery in a confined space!” Continue reading

Athlete Hero Status

Story & Opinion by Fire Chief Steve Moody

IMG_2063Magic Johnson’s birthday is coming up. It’s a BIG deal for all of America if you haven’t heard.

Exceptional athletes are paid grand salaries and grand status during and after retirement. What’s wrong with this?

Well, we have others that deserve this attention much more than athletes. They are called emergency service workers.

These people not only place themselves in harm’s way, they often lose their life in that service.

Case in point?

It took place in the City of El Dorado this past Friday evening.

Our law enforcement officers responded to the local Walmart for a reported person with a bomb. There didn’t turn out to be a bomber, but the officers didn’t know that when they entered the store.

Personally, I would rather celebrate each of their lives.

Thank you Officers!

A Simple Girl Scout Tour

This afternoon the El Dorado Firefighters conducted a simple station tour for a group of Girl Scouts – something they do on a regular basis.

What was unusual was these same firefighters had spent the entire morning at the local Walmart putting on a “Hot Car Awareness” public education event. And after the Girl Scout tour they worked a major traffic accident.

This was all on top of their normal fire station duties.

And to top it all off one of the crew’s firefighters – Lieutenant Shane McCoy – returned late afternoon to rejoin his crew. He had been in Appleton, Wisconsin the past 3 days where he and two others (Captain Max Brown & Master Firefighter Michael Rose) were checking out a potential aerial ladder manufacturer.

Gone 3 days out of town on company business and returns straight to work.

The El Dorado Fire Department. Some pretty special people doing some pretty special things.