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MDA ~ Kind & Generous ~ The Final Day

IMG_2201Natalie Merchant says it best in her song, “Kind & Generous”.

It starts like this:

You’ve been so kind and generous, I don’t know how you keep on giving
For your kindness I’m in debt to you
For your selflessness, my admiration
For everything you’ve done, you know I’m bound, I’m bound to
thank you for it….

El Dorado Citizens and Visitors have been “Kind and Generous” on a monumental level.

In year’s past the El Dorado Firefighters held their boots out three weekends in a row. This year they decided to concentrate on just one weekend – Labor Day weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The tally for Friday was $1,616.63, Saturday was $2,495.74, and Sunday is looking strong.

If predictions are right, your kindness and generosity in one weekend will surpass that of three weekends for years past.

IMG_2212Everyone’s generosity is overwhelming. And a gentleman named Buford Pringle provided the capstone.

Mr. Pringle dropped off a cooler full of water and granola bars for the firefighters to drink and eat while they worked the Boot Drive. He told them his wife would pick the cooler up at the end of the day.

Thank You Everyone.

El Dorado Strong!

MDA El Dorado ~ “When We Stand Together”

We must stand together. There’s no giving in. Hand in hand forever.

That’s, that’s, that’s where we are.

IMG_2152The right thing to guide us is right here inside us. No one can divide us. When the light is nearly on.

But just like the heart beat. Drum beat carries on.

And the drum beat carries on, and the drum beat carries on.

Like the lyrics of Nickelback, we must stand together. And stand together we did today in the City of El Dorado.

The boots.

The El Dorado Firefighters held them out. And the Citizens of El Dorado filled them.

When we stand together no one can divide us.

El Dorado Strong!

*Two more days ~ the drum beat carries on

MDA Drive – Help El Dorado FF’s “Fill the Boot”

MDALabor Day weekend is synonymous with an event called the “Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon”.

The effort was to cure a group of nine neuro-muscular diseases called “muscular dystrophy.” These diseases cripple and eventually kill young people – many children.

Early on a group stepped forward to help Jerry. Each Labor Day weekend firefighters across nation position themselves at key points in their community. It’s called the “MDA Boot Drive.”

El Dorado Firefighters started today. They will be positioned at the Dillons Store and the Walmart Store.

Please drop a donation in a boot if you have a dollar to spare.

Nine in the Evening – What’s Your Fire Department Doing?

IMG_2141Three thirty in the morning
Not a soul in sight
The city’s lookin’ like a ghost town
On a moonless summer night
Raindrops on the windshield
There’s a storm movin’ in
He’s headin’ back from somewhere
That he never should have been
And the thunder rolls

It wasn’t three thirty in the morning – it was nine in the evening, but as the song reads, there wasn’t hardly a soul in sight – other than a group of Firefighters .

As the song continues – there was no moon and lightning appeared off in the northeast.

So, where was your fire department?

The answer? Likely, not on the training grounds putting out car fires.

But, that’s exactly what this group of firefighters were doing.

Whether it’s putting out fires, rendering medical care, completing truck maintenance, public education, inspections, training …you’re getting the maximum from a trifecta of professionals – Career, Volunteer, and Student Residents.

They call themselves “The El Dorado Fire Department.”