Monthly Archives: August 2016

Preventative Maintenance

The Quint is a backup truck.  The question is, “Should it be a lower priority for maintenance?”

maintenIt was taken in for brake service.  The mechanics found the spring on the wheel just about wore in two.  It’s hard to tell how long it would have been before failing.  If it would have failed it would’ve locked up the wheel.  And it’s hard to tell what would have happened after that.

Never underestimate the importance of preventative maintenance.  The answer to the question is “no” it should not be a lower priority.


Leaking Chlorine Container

Chlorine3This morning El Dorado firefighters responded to the El Dorado water plant.

One of the couplings on one of the chlorine containers was leaking.  Firefighters swiveled the container and capped the coupling with one of their own.

The problem was solved in short order, but the incident did allow firefighters to use their Level A suits.




Training Going On “VIDEO”

Training 3Neighbors wondered what was going on.

The El Dorado Fire Department just recently finished a new training tower, but there’s nothing like the real thing.  That real thing was a house that is slated for demolition soon.

This morning the firefighters practiced rooftop evolutions.  Two new Butler Community College students got in on the training.

The evolution also gave firefighters the opportunity to work with their new aerial ladder tower.

Great job El Dorado Firefighters!