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An Innovative Idea

dr-placard-2The mandated NFPA 704 placard marking system is a great way that on site hazardous materials are identified.

As a spin off of that methodology, Firefighter Chris McGathy came up with an idea to use a similar system to identify building features all on a mini placard.

In the left upper slot (as you look at it) is the roof and building type, the right upper slot for the FDC and sprinkler system, the lower left slot whether there’s a preplan and Knox box, and the lower right slot whether there’s a dr-placard-3basement and attic.

The mini placards will go on the main door into the building.

While it was being developed, Chris put his idea out to the whole department and got some additional ideas from others.

A great innovative idea Firefighter Chris McGathy!

May Day, May Day, May Day – Firefighter Down

img_2899May day, may day, may day – firefighter down!

That was the message conveyed to the volunteer firefighters who arrived on the scene of a two story masonry building.  The downed firefighter’s partner met the volunteer firefighters at the entry door.   He said his partner was injured and unable to evacuate the building on his own.

The rescue team gathered their equipment and made entry.  Minutes later the firefighters conveyed by radio that they had found the downed firefighter and were initiating a rescue.

Shortly thereafter the firefighters appeared in the doorway with the firefighter.  A second evolution got all the volunteers through the training session.  The event was a successful one.

Our thanks goes out to the local prison warden for letting us use their building.  Also, thank you to professional photographer Chad Wittenberg.



Camper Fire

camper1El Dorado firefighters were paged to a structure fire early this afternoon.  On arrival the firefighters found heavy smoke coming from a large 5th wheel camper.

The camper was abandoned and empty.

Firefighters made a quick entry and extinguished the fire.

The investigation discovered that a young boy was playing with a lighter and caught a mattress on fire.  The boy suffered some singed hair.

Law enforcement was handling the situation with the boy.