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Paws for Prevention

img_2590People around the world celebrate October 31st in different ways.

We in the United States celebrate the day as “Halloween.” We dress up in costume, have parties, and go door to door collecting candy.

In Mexico the people celebrate the day as “Day of the Dead” (Dia de los Muertos).

Celebrations are fun, but they can also cause you to lose focus – both figuratively and literally. I ask you to think about these questions before and as you celebrate:
– Will you make sure that your mask or costume doesn’t reduce your vision?
– Will you NOT dart across the street with no regard in your pursuit of the next great candy?
– Will you make sure your costume fits right – so you don’t trip and fall?
– Will you stay away from lit flames with your flammable costume?
– Will you have reflective clothing with a flashlight?
– Will you NOT eat candy or other items that might be covered in bacteria?

If it helps, remember my Mexican brother’s celebration – “Day of the Dead”. It might be the category you end up in if you don’t – answer “YES” to all my questions.

“Ten Cuidado – STAY SAFE!”

Training to be the Best

Chad Wittenberg
Chad Wittenberg

All three groups of El Dorado firefighters – paid, reserves, and students – participated in hands on training last evening.

Half the firefighters worked on car fires while the other half worked on extrication.

Great job honing firefighting and rescue skills.

p.s. Great photos.  Remember, they are for purchase at



Trailer Fire / Grass Fire

trailer2The gentleman was pulling his dual axle trailer down SW Boyer road headed for the landfill to drop off some items when he noticed the trailer was on fire.

He stopped in the middle of the road and quickly disconnected his vehicle from the trailer.

By the time firefighters arrived the items on the trailer were totally involved with fire.  Also, the grass along the roadway was on fire.

Firefighters quickly attacked both fires simultaneously.  They quickly got both fires under control.

Entrapment Technical Rescue Training

entrap6This was the second day of entrapment technical rescue training.  Departments across Butler County attended the training.  The instructors were from Austin, Texas and Wichita, Kansas.

Look up the full story on Butler County Times Gazette.

Here are a few photos.  Check for additional photos and to purchase if interested.