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Winter Fire Safety Tips : VIDEO

Christmas FireplaceWinter time is holiday – and that means of lots of cooking, lots of entertaining, and unfortunately, lots of opportunities for home fires to occur.  The Division of State Fire Marshal urges families to pay particular attention to fire safety during the holiday season.

As of November 1, 2016, there was 85 fire-related deaths in Ohio. In 2015, there was a total of 122.

During the Christmas and holiday season, it is fun to decorate for the winter holidays, but holiday decorations can increase your risk for a home fire. Use electricity safety to avoid the following common causes of electrical fires:

  • Overloaded outlets
  • Misuse of extension cords
  • Not turning off lights and decorations before going to bed or leaving the home
  • Old or worn holiday lights
  • Old or worn out appliances and electrical cords

Decoration Fire Safety Tips


  • When purchasing an artificial tree, look for a “Fire Resistant” label.
  • If you have a metallic tree, never use electric lights on it. You could be electrocuted.
  • When purchasing a live tree, check for freshness. Make sure the needles are soft and are not falling off. Hard, brittle needles are signs of a dry tree, which can easily catch fire.
  • Keep your live tree a safe distance from heat sources.
  • Live trees need water, and lots of it. Cut about one inch off the bottom of the trunk before putting the tree in the stand. Add water and check the tree daily.
  • Do not block your exit door with your tree.
  • Remove live trees from your home as soon as possible. Most Christmas tree fires occur on or after New Year’s Day.


  • Check each light set for damaged sockets or wires. Discard light sets and extension cords that are worn or cracked.
  • Use UL approved light sets. Follow the manufacturer recommendations concerning the maximum number of light sets that can be connected together.
  • Replace burnt out bulbs with bulbs of the same wattage as indicated on the tag attached to the light set.
  • Turn off all lights before you go to bed or leave the home.
  • Use only light sets and extension cords marked “For Outdoor Use” outside your home.
  • Fasten outdoor lights securely with insulated clips or hooks. Use circuits protected by ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).

For the greatest protection, install a smoke alarm on every level of your home and inside each sleeping area.

Answering the Call

neodesha8Many times during the course of each day the El Dorado Fire Department answers the call for assistance or emergencies in our community. Yesterday was no different…..except one call that came from outside our normal response district.

Early yesterday morning a fire broke out in Neodesha Kansas at the Airosol manufacturing facility. This is a place where many different chemicals are placed into cans, sealed, and pressurized to make many of the aerosol spray products that we all use daily. The fire burned intensely for hours and destroyed much of the facility. You can imagine that the local Fire Department was very quickly overwhelmed and needed assistance. Fire Departments from all over SE Kansas sent crews and apparatus to assist in the firefighting efforts.

Shortly after noon, El Dorado Fire received the request for assistance. A message was sent out to all of our members seeking volunteers for the assignment and we quickly had a full five-person crew headed that way. Those responding from the EFD were Capt. Troy Jellison, Lt. Shane McCoy, FF Caleb Fistler, Vol FF Chris Towner, and Student FF Ethan Herrick. El Dorado crews arrived and were quickly assigned to relieve weary crews who were badly in need of a break. The crew was assigned to work in the warehouse helping to cool hotspots and to try to knock down any flare ups. The EFD firefighters remained on scene for approximately 2 ½ hours performing various overhaul operations before being released to return home.

Here is a little word of thanks from the crew that went to Neodesha for something that happened on the way home. The crew stopped in Fredonia to grab a bite to eat after a long afternoon. While eating we were informed by the manager that our ticket for the meal had already been taken care of by a local woman who wanted to show her appreciation to those helping out in Neodesha. The crew did not get a chance to thank her personally before she left, but if she reads this we want to say THANK YOU!! We truly appreciated the gesture!



Refuge Truck Fire

trash-truckReport by Captain Yaghjian

At approximately 10:53 hrs, on 11/21/16, the El Dorado Fire Department was dispatched to the intersection of Boyer and Central for a refuge truck on fire. Engine 9 responded with Lieutenant Shane McCoy and Firefighter Chris McGathy. Pickup 1 responded with Captain Tony Yaghjian and Master Firefighter Caleb Carson. Pumper 3 was requested by Command and responded with Lieutenant Mike Rose. Upon arrival, we found a large refuge truck, with heavy smoke showing from the rear compartment. Lieutenant McCoy assumed command and we started fire attack from the rear of the vehicle. 

Efforts were made to gain better access to the fire, but all the hydraulics parts were not working. We gained access from the top of the truck using the K12 saw and applied a piercing nozzle into the debris in the truck. The fire was contained at this point and the truck was moved to a safer location for the off loading of the materials. After the truck was moved the hydraulics began to work and the truck unloaded all its contents and the fire was extinguished. It was the garbage in the dump truck that was on fire. 

The initial heat source was undetermined after investigation. There was fire damage to the body of the truck on the right, rear side due to high heat. A dozer was brought out by El Dorado Public Works to separate the trash and check for any smoldering debris. All the trash was sprayed with AFFF- ATC Foam for precautionary measures. All Fire units cleared the scene at approximately 12:17 hrs. This is all I have to report at this time.