Monthly Archives: September 2018

Provide Some Leadership

A new book hit the stands that paints a poor picture of Donald Trump and his employees.    His employees were interviewed for the book and they describe a dysfunctional team.

One member states that him and others have had to take letters off the Presidents desk that would have actions that would put America in a bad way.

This is concerning in multiple ways.   First, it is concerning that president Trump was going to take actions that would put America at risk. It is unsettling that we were that close to taking dangerous actions.  Leadership is missing if this is the case.

Likewise, it is unsettling that president Trump’s team thinks that removing written action documents from the president’s desk is the best they can do.   Leadership is missing.

No job is worth doing bad things to the level that is described.  It is time that either president Trump or his team stand up and provide some leadership.