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Beautiful Young Girl’s Life Cut Short

Stafford Kansas has a small high school with all the events of larger schools.  One of those events is an annual prom.  This year was not unlike any other.   The girls got their dresses and the boys got their tuxedos.

Girls usually have their hair done up.   And this was what Christine was looking forward to.  Stafford has a high school, but it doesn’t have a hair dresser.   Therefore, Christine had to make 10 the mile trip to St. John.

Highway 50 is the major highway between the two cities, but the old highway between the two is often the roadway of choice.  And this was Christine’s choice on prom day.

Halfway between Stafford and St. John is a 90 degree curve.  What was the reason for Christine taking this curve too fast – knowing she probably took it many times in the past – only she would know.

The call came in as a rollover vehicle accident at the curve on Old Highway 50.  First responder Gail arrived on scene first.   I was the next on scene and Gail reported that Christine was unresponsive  and didn’t have a pulse.

Even though pulseless trauma patients have practically zero chance of survival, I decided to attempt a resuscitation.   Christine had the most beautiful eye lashes that I’ve ever seen.  The medical director arrived on scene before we left for the hospital and after examining Christine he declared her deceased.

I will never forget the pretty young girl who lost her life on that dangerous curve on Old Highway 50.  Let Christine’s accident be a lesson for all that this could happen to you too.   Slow down on curves.