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Chlorine Tank Leaking Valve

ChlorineThe water plant was changing out one of its chlorine tanks this morning.  When they had the coupling hooked up it leaked.

Therefore, they switched over to the secondary valve.  But, It leaked too.  And the leak shot out a small spurt of liquid.  So, just to be safe they called the fire department.

Firefighters donned their level A uniforms.  They uncoupled the valve and capped it.

A job well done.

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Oil Line Rupture

oil-6A Kansas Highway Patrol trooper saw oil running down the ditch of the interstate highway just north of El Dorado.  Fire crews responded and found what appeared to be an underground oil line rupture.

Firefighters also found that the oil ran down the ditch and into a creek.

Oil line representatives were called and responded to the site with a backhoe.   The oil representatives also shut down lines feeding the one leaking.

While the oil personnel were digging up the line with the backhoe, firefighters placed booms at several locations in the creek.  Both the oil company and firefighters did a great job controlling the incident.

Leaking Chlorine Container

Chlorine3This morning El Dorado firefighters responded to the El Dorado water plant.

One of the couplings on one of the chlorine containers was leaking.  Firefighters swiveled the container and capped the coupling with one of their own.

The problem was solved in short order, but the incident did allow firefighters to use their Level A suits.