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Preventative Maintenance

The Quint is a backup truck.  The question is, “Should it be a lower priority for maintenance?”

maintenIt was taken in for brake service.  The mechanics found the spring on the wheel just about wore in two.  It’s hard to tell how long it would have been before failing.  If it would have failed it would’ve locked up the wheel.  And it’s hard to tell what would have happened after that.

Never underestimate the importance of preventative maintenance.  The answer to the question is “no” it should not be a lower priority.


PUMP TESTING – Jack and Mike

Pump testing*Story by FM Joe Haag

Every year the El Dorado Fire Department is tasked with ensuring that its’ equipment is able to perform to recognized standards. Doing this often requires money to complete the testing that ensures our equipment is ready to respond.

It also ensures that our equipment meets certain standards that allow the City of El Dorado and it citizens to obtain a better rate on their property insurance. Lower property insurance rates are normally achieved by obtaining a low score with the Insurance Services Office or ISO for short.

To achieve this score the department is required to test certain aspect of services that the city provides. This includes the water system (fire hydrants), personnel, as well as fire suppression equipment all of which can be taxing to the department’s budget.

In past years, the department has incurred an expense of several thousand dollars to complete the testing of the fire apparatus and specifically the water pumps on them. This year Lieutenant Jack Zimmerman and Master Firefighter Mike Rose were able to put their vast knowledge and experience to work completing the testing of the apparatus in-house and saving substantial funds for the department.

This was accomplished while ensuring that all requirements to maintain the property insurance rates are completed.   And allowing the department funds to be utilized in the best manner to ensure the department continues to provide excellent service to the community.

HANDS ON THE WALL – Check Them Out

tIRESLieutenant Jack Zimmerman and Firefighter Quentin Sage were laying in their beds fast asleep when it happened.

KABLOOIE – An explosion!

What could it be?   An errant vehicle struck the building? An earthquake? A killer drone?

No, it was none of those.  It was a ruptured tire on Engine 8.

weston-brazil2That was a little over a week ago.  Today, new truck tires arrived.  The Quint would give up her tires to Engine 8 and the Quint would get a new set.

Hands on the Wall.

There’s always somebody behind the scene who’s responsible for getting things done.   Building inspections, hydrants flowed, water rescues, vehicle maintenance, and the list goes on and on.

Master Firefighter Mike Rose does the lion’s share of vehicle maintenance for the department.  And the tires wasn’t any different.  He ordered the tires and they arrived today.

IMG_5160Fire Marshal Joe Haag even got into the act.  He hauled the tires over to the tire shop.

Keep watch for those hands on the wall. When you see them go over and see who they belong to.

And thank them.