Cigarette Lighters and Children – A Poor Combination

It was the Christmas season and there was snow on the ground.

The mother had just started a new job at a nursing home and had left her two children with her good friend named Charity.

Poncho and Rogue were their names.  Poncho was three years old and Rogue was five.  And then there was four year old Monique who was Charity’s daughter’s name.

The three children were upstairs playing with a cigarette lighter when the fire lit some plastic toys on fire.  Monique and Rogue came downstairs, but for some reason Poncho didn’t.

Minutes later Charity noticed the smoke coming down the stairs. Rogue and Monique made it downstairs, but Poncho was still upstairs.  She tried going upstairs but the smoke was too dense.

The fire department was called.  Firefighters quickly rescued Poncho, but not before he was in cardiac arrest.  Poncho was quickly taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The fire investigator determined the fire was started by a cigarette lighter. Pictured above are two novelty cigarette lighters.  If you smoke, be sure and keep your lighters secured so no children play with them.  Cigarette lighters and children are a poor combination.

Pictured below is Chief Moody carrying Monique over to the ambulance. 



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