Donald Trump – What He Says


The latest Donald Trump “I didn’t mean what I said” was yesterday. It was the comments about the meeting with Russian leader Mr. Putin.  Trump seems like he’s too nice to Putin for some reason or another.

Is it because Mr. Putin donated to his campaign?

I never thought about it until now, but now realize how inappropriate it would be.  There are enough special interests groups and individuals already.  But we do have some controls on them.

Trump is hard on everyone else.  He also seems like he wants to change things overnight  Things like the trade agreement.  It needed to be changed but not overnight.  We aren’t big enough to go it alone.

Immigration is another change that needs changed, but not overnight.  All the successful countries are faced with the immigration issue.  Couldn’t we come together and implement a similar course of policy.

I hope that President Trump backs off the accelerator, but he has no indication he will.   If not then we’ll have to wait until the next election to correct the problem and hope that any serious mistakes can be righted.


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