Fire Prevention

O2020dne of the many things we do as firefighters is talking with kids about fire safety. Throughout the year we try to get to all the daycares in town to talk to the kids and show them the equipment we use to do our job.

On Tuesday February 2nd, we talked to 20 preschoolers at El Dorado Head Start, telling them not to hide in their house if it is on fire and about what a firefighter looks like in his fire gear and not to be afraid if they see us like this.

Seeing what we look like in our gear and seeing that we are not scary before there is an emergency hopefully will trigger that memory in an emergency. After a short talk from Captain Jack Zimmerman and watching Student Resident Ethan Herrick get in his fire gear the students went outside in the cold weather to look at the fire truck.

Master Firefighter Derick Boggs was outside to show the kids the truck. This is just one of many ways that we serve our community to make it a better place to live.



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