Five Fires in a Row

1 roof2The first one was on 4th Street Terrace and was caused by a piece of metal roofing blowing against an electrical line.  Sparks fell to the ground and lit the grass on fire.  It quickly spread to a wooden fence endangering two homes.  A resident suffered second degree burns to all his fingers on one hand.

Just as firefighters were getting this fire under control, another fire occurred.

This fire was located at the land fill.  The fire got into a tree belt.  A bull dozer had to be used to push a large hollow tree into a creek bed.  Chain saws were also brought into action.

While still on this fire on came fire number three.

Fire number three was a rekindle of a fire fought by crews days before.  A large pile of logs was afire stoked by the harsh wind.  Firefighters had to drag some of the extra large logs into a burned out area.

While on this fire a request for mutual aid was received from White Water.  El Dorado sent two squads to that fire.  That was fire four.

Then came fire number five.  And it proved to be the biggest.  The fire was located on 40th Street and Haverhill.  The fire was in the Burns district, but a mutual aid request for El Dorado and others was dispatched.

This fire took close to three hours to control.  The haze in the sky could be seen miles away.

Five fires in a row.  A great job of firefighting.

*Stand by for more pictures from department professional photographer Chad Wittenberg. 



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