John Fiblosky – Sleepy Head

sleepingThe fire house is a place where camaraderie is held high on most firefighters list of expected traits.  Members of the team try to help their fellow firefighters.  This story is about the beginning  of an emergency call.

His name was John and he had a unique problem, unique but hardly unheard.  The problem was once John got to sleep,  he had trouble awakening to dispatched emergencies.

John’s problem was so prevalent that he started sleeping in the television room, in his uniform, with a portable radio propped up by his head.  This new sleeping arrangement was working fine, until one night.

The emergency was an assault at a local tavern.  I slid down the slide pole and briskly walked over to the ambulance’s passengers seat.  Fifteen seconds later, still ,  no John.

I went over to the slide pull, looked up, and hollered for John.

“John! John! John!”

Sleepy 3John still didn’t awaken.  Unbeknownst to me my hollering had awakened the Battalion Chief.  And the Battalion Chief woke John up and gave him a deluxe tongue thrashing.

So, off we went.  As we arrived it didn’t look as though we were going to make the turn.  I hollered at John – “…brake John, brake.!”

The emergency was a gentleman who suffered a swollen eye and a small laceration to the cheek.  Nothing too serious.

After driving back to the fire station, I went back to bed and John retired to the recliner in the television room.

The next morning I asked John what happened?  I never expected his answer.  He said, “I don’t remember any emergency call.  You are just messing with me.”  I showed him the patient report to turn him into a believer.  But, he still couldn’t remember the call.  I told John  that after hour calls maybe I should drive.

John worked a full carrier and never had any problems after that, that I know of.   A fine man that was just a bit too sleepy one night.

p.s.This story is completely true, but  you probably guessed that John Fiblosky was not the firefighter’s name.

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