KU Burn Props – El Dorado FD

IMG_1903This evening KU Fire & Rescue Training Institute brought their burn props trailer to the City of El Dorado. And, it was mighty impressive.

Kansas City Fire Department Captain Bryan Welch was the one who brought the trailer. He works part-time for KU as do most of their instructors. Winfield Officer Chad Mayberry and retired El Dorado Officer Bill Doan also assisted KU instructors.

The trainers explained that the entire semi trailer and props cost in the range of $750,000. It sounds expensive, but it’s used over 100 times annually. And, it includes a number of stainless steel props. There’s a vehicle prop, a propane prop, a dumpster prop, liquid pan props, charcoal grille props, and more.

Firefighters from the county and beyond were invited. One firefighter was from Sedgewick County.

photo 5 (2)There were also a number of citizens who came out to watch the training exercise. Some of those included Tiffany, Tabitha, and Taylor Brown. And Hattie, Gavin, and Gabe Williamson.

They got to observe some greatness – Great Instructors and Great Firefighters!

*Check out local Photographer Chad Wittenberg’s website for more great photos @ http://cwittenberg.smugmug.com/

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